Effective Skin Care Regimen

Quality Cosmeceutical Ingredients

You may find it difficult to maintain a beautiful complexion as you get older.

Your skin is constantly exposed to a wide range of environmental stressors and hazardous conditions. UV rays, injuries, acne, rashes, and allergic reactions all threaten your skin on daily basis. To look your best in the long run, you need an effective skin care regimen in Toronto & Oshawa, ON that not only works with your skin type, but also contains quality cosmeceutical ingredients. Our skin care treatments and products can:

  • Soften lines and wrinkles
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Smooth out skin texture
  • Improve moisture retention

And the list goes on….Cosmeceuticals can treat a wide range of skin conditions, and once you being using them in your daily routine, you’ll feel empowered by your ability to fight the signs of aging every day. They’ll become your secret weapon against skin stressors and aging.


Mineral makeup from gloMinerals® can give you excellent coverage, with corrective and protective benefits. The advanced formula combines pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, potent antioxidants and high-pigment minerals. The addition of broad spectrum UV protection can also help you prevent premature aging caused by sun damage.

Skincare - Toronto

ZO Skin Health

Dr. Zein Obagi has created a comprehensive range of products that maintain results of professional skin treatments and support daily skin health. He redefined skincare nearly three decades ago, moving toward a system that not only treats skin problems, but helps people create and maintain healthy skin. The doctor’s philosophy has spawned some of the most widely recognized medical grade skincare systems worldwide. We currently offer select products from the ZO Skin Health line, which includes systems in three different levels, as well as a special system for acne prevention.


As the first and only medication indicated for treatment of inadequate eyelashes, Latisse® offers the unique benefit of growing your lashes. You simply apply it to your eyelids every day, and the lashes grow longer, thicker and darker in a few weeks. The results are not permanent; you have to keep using Latisse or your lashes will return to normal. The results of Latisse® require about 30 days to become apparent, and full results are seen after about 4 months.

Alyria Skin Optimizing System

The Canderm company has scoured all corners of the globe to find the secrets of healthy and beautiful skin. The result is their Alyria Skin Optimizing System, an exclusive skin care product line that can deliver healthier and younger looking skin. The line includes a wide range of cleansers, exfoliants, astringents, moisturizers, eye products and night creams. A comprehensive and sophisticated line, Alyria is only available through physicians.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward healthier skin, we invite you to contact our Toronto office to schedule a skin care consultation. You’ll have the opportunity to see our products, ask questions, and view photos of patients who have had success with these products.

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Meet Our Surgeons

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Meet Our Surgeons

Dr . Golger

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Meet Our Surgeons

Dr . Romy

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