How To Avoid Problems Following Your Breast Augmentation in Toronto

It could be said that the best way to avoid complications after your breast augmentation in Toronto is to do exactly as your plastic surgeon tells you

It starts with a Toronto breast augmentation consultation

It will require you to select a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon who has a reputation for delivering excellent breast augmentation results. Once you’ve made your choice, trusting their skill and expertise is essential for a smooth recovery and results you love. Way back at the beginning of your journey, the foundation for optimal resultsis laid. When asked for a medical history, communicate openly and honestly. Alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs, any supplements or other medications you take are all very important to note. Certain vitamins you may not think twice about will signal to your surgeon that you could have issues like bleeding. Steroids and pain relievers willaffect how you heal,and birth control pills or even inhalers can be more of a concern that people assume. Even if you think something is insignificant, mention it to the doctor or nurse and never hesitate to ask questions.

Is smoking a big deal?

Many Toronto breast augmentation surgeons will allow a patient who smokes or uses nicotine products to have a straightforward breast augmentation, but not a breast lift or tummy tuck. If they ask you to stop smoking or vaping, there’s good reason for this. Nicotine constricts blood vessels which reduces blood flow in the body. Fordamaged tissue to heal, tiny vessels must bring adequate blood to the area and form new circulation pathways to keep tissue alive. Delayed healing, poor scarring, infections,andeven skin loss can result from nicotine use. Though the risks are less pronounced with small breast augmentation incisions, if you want to be as careful as possible and reduce risk of infection or visible scarring, quit at least a couple weeks before and after surgery.


Why can’t I go to the gym?

Plenty of healthy, energetic people say the enforced activity restrictions after surgery are frustrating. Some will even cheat and disregard their surgeon’s instruction to avoid strenuous activity or cardio workouts because they can’t see the need for it. If they feel pretty well,and pain-free, sitting around and moving slowly is not appealing at all. Reasons to avoid raising heart rate and blood pressure in the first few weeks relate to bleeding and swelling. Though your surgeon sealed off blood vessels during surgery, a spike in pressure could cause bleeding inside the breast pocket,and this requires immediate surgery. Breast implants placed under the mucle will experience constant pressure in a down and outward direction if those pectoral muscles are flexing. In the crucial time that your carefully constructed implant pocket is healing, don’t do any upper body activity that could compromise how you heal.

When can I wear push up bras?

Most BA patients are eager to go shopping for bras and swimwear that will show off their new cleavage. Rest assured that you will eventually be allowed to wear any style of padded, push up or underwire bra you want, but for the first six weeks, most plastic surgeons will ask you to avoid certain bras which could damage your incision area or affect implant position. We know it’s hard to be patient, but your beautiful results will be well worth it!

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