How Does Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon Select Implant Size?

Choosing which implant size is the most suitable for your body type

Once you’ve made the decision to have a breast augmentation, the next step is to decide how big you want to go.

It is best to review the options with an experienced plastic surgeon. As one of the leading breast augmentation surgeons in Toronto, Dr. Golger takes great pride in his personalized approach to cosmetic surgery. By having in depth, one-on-one conversations with all perspective clients, he likes to ensure that they are completely comfortable with the implant size they have chosen. Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters, also known as CCs. The higher the number, the larger the breast implant will be. If you’re still toying with the idea of a breast implant, it is a good idea to try a simple experiment at home. By taking a small zip lock bag and filling it up with either uncooked rice, or water, you can gauge what size of implant you are leaning towards.

When it comes to the actual selection process, there are many factors to take into account. One of the most important factors is your unique body type. In order to achieve results that are completely natural looking, it is important to select an implant size that is proportionate to your body. Implants that are too large can not only cause back problems, they also look unnatural when they are disproportionate to your body type.


Examining your body shape

During a private consultation, your surgeon will assess your anatomy and listen carefully to your goals in order to suggest the safest and most natural looking implant for your body type. In addition to body type, surgeons must also account for each patient’s unique body shape. Even the same size of implant can look very different on two people with different body shapes. By carefully examining your body shape, Dr. Golger will be able to determine which implant size will be the most complimentary for your shape.

3-d imaging techniques

When it comes to breast augmentation surgeons in Toronto, Dr. Golger is well known as one of the most meticulous and thorough options. By using advanced 3-d imaging techniques, his patients get to see a preview of what their implants will look like prior to the surgery. In doing so, patients can be sure that they have selected the right implant size and avoid any disappointment following the procedure.

Renowned as one of the most skilled and trusted breast augmentation surgeons in Toronto, Dr. Golger places great emphasis on taking your personal goals into account when making his recommendations. However, at the end of the day, the final implant size choice is a personal one and should be based on what you are the most comfortable with, after taking your surgeon’s recommendation into consideration. To explore your options, we welcome you to contact our clinic for a private consultation with one of our experts today.

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