Do You Know About All The Different Options Available At A Breast Augmentation Clinic in Toronto?

How do surgeons increase the size of breasts?

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery to change or enhance an area of your body, you’re certainly not alone.

When it comes to breast enhancement, there are more options today than ever before. Reputable, Toronto breast augmentation clinics offer more than one way to enhance breast size safely,and this procedure remains the leading cosmetic surgery in the city. You may have heard of fat grafting performed to increase breast size. Classified as surgery, it is less invasive than augmentation with implants. However, it’s not without health concerns and risks. This method of injecting a patient’s own fat into the glandular breast tissue is still being evaluated for possible long-term medical implications such as breast cancer growth and imaging. A drawback for many who would consider this route is that it can only achieve very subtle size increases. A significant portion of fat injected is absorbed by the body and what remains amounts to less than one bra cup size of the fat volume in most cases. Also, multiple procedures may be required to achieve uniform, lasting results.

Most Toronto breast augmentation clinics prefer the safety, reliability and popular results of breast implants. There are some Health Canada approved options,and your plastic surgeon will help you consider the type that meets your goals.



Saline- These are constructed from a silicone shell that is filled with sterile saline once placed within the breast. A benefit to this more traditional implant type is that it utilizes a very small incision and if ruptured, the body absorbs saline harmlessly. They are also priced slightly lower than other devices. Negative qualities include their higher instances of rippling and the less natural movement and feel of saline.

Silicone cohesive gel

Silicone cohesive gel- After the discontinuation of old generation implants many years ago, breast implant manufacturers reinvented today’s advanced cohesive gel devices. These are much different and improved in terms of safety and range of options. Today’s silicone implants do not contain liquid but a semi-solid gel which means even if the multi-layer, durable shell were to rupture, the contents are designed to stay in place and hold their shape. Benefits include a reputation for safety, durability, realistic movement, consistency that more closely resembles natural breast tissue, and less instance of visible rippling. Silicone cohesive gel implants are available in a wide range of projections and volumes and with smooth or textured shell.

Ideal implants- this type is newer to most Toronto breast augmentation clinics. It is a structured implant filled with saline but constructed with internal compartments that help hold a natural shape and prevent rippling. Ideal implants are designed to look and feel more natural than saline, but they do come at a higher price point than both of the other options. The best way to determine which breast augmentation method will benefit you the most is to meet with an experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in this procedure.

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