Breast Augmentation Toronto – What Happens at the Clinic Consultation?

The key considerations when you meet with your potential plastic surgeon and their team for the first time

If you’re ready to plan a breast augmentation, meeting your plastic surgeon in-person will be an important first step on the journey.

In Toronto clinics, breast augmentation consultations may be complimentary or cost a small fee, but it’s generally well-worth it to schedule more than one and gain a good understanding of available options before you decide. Because you will be working closely with your surgeon, trusting their expertise and artistic eye, it is essential that you have good communication and are comfortable with them.

Clues as to your surgeon’s bedside manner are evident in how you are treated during this meeting. Do you feel rushed? Does the surgeon interrupt or speak for you? Do you feel they are respectful and empathetic? Are they able to explain things clearly? Sometimes people get a sense that a relationship is not a good fit during the first meeting,so it’s definitely ok to trust your gut and move on.



Discussing yourself and your goals

At a Toronto breast augmentation clinic, the consultation is often when the surgeon will ask about your medical history, previous surgeries, and current medical concerns. The type of questions they may ask range from whether you have a disease that could impair healing to your alcohol consumption. These are important because many things you might not be aware of can affect how you heal and risks during surgery. Be sure to give honest answers, as they will not judge you but instead, want to ensure your safety and great results.

You will receive a personalized quote

You’ll have your first opportunity to tell the surgeon what look you want. Be honest and detailed about what you like and don’t like. Some people find it helpful to show ‘wish’ pictures,and you may be able to see and try on your potential breast implants as well. You will need to undress from the waist up for your surgeon to examine and measure your breasts. They will assess your skin, breast shape, symmetry, nipple position,and measurements. Such a wide variety of implant sizes and projections are available today that a customized option to suit you and your body can be recommended.

Toronto breast augmentation clinics typically provide a detailed surgical quote after the first consultation. It will outlinethe exact procedure, what the total cost is and what portion of it is required as a deposit to book surgery. You will likely meet with a surgical coordinator to talk about next steps and potential dates you might book. Remember, your consultation is designed for gathering information, including how to go ahead but you do not necessarily need to book and pay for anything immediately. You may be able to book over the phone or return when you are ready, but you should never feel pressured to decide on the spot. If you have additional questions, ask how and when you’ll be able to speak with your surgeon again before the big day.

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