Breast Augmentation in Toronto : Realistic Expectations

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, realistic expectations are always important for client satisfaction, but why is that?

Toronto Breast augmentation results aren’t perfect

Just as some people don’t know what a transformative result breast augmentation in Toronto could offer them, others view unrelatable examples of women’s bodies or misleading info online and set themselves up for disappointment. Preparing for real-life breast augmentation results will be exciting and ensure you’re happy with your investment. Everyone seeking a breast enhancement has heard or said, “her breasts are perfect.”This is almost never true, however. In reality, most breasts are more like sisters than twins, and not completely perfect, even when they look very nice. Asymmetry is very common andmay result in differences of one bra cup size or more. Because breast implants are available in a wide range of volumes, widths,and projections, a skilled plastic surgeon will be able to help offset breast differences which may mean choosing different implants. Often, small disparities such as nipple size or slight sagging are not considered to be worth the additional interventions required to correct them.

The discussion you have with your surgeon about goals and expected outcomes will help to clarify your top priorities and those things which you’ll continue to live with. It’s important to know that while it may be frustrating to hear you can’t correct every issue, an honest surgeon whoclearly outlines procedure limitations will prevent you from feeling extremely disappointed later.


Toronto breast augmentation is not the same as a breast lift

You may have heard that breast implants can, ‘give you a lift. ’This is a fairly subjective description and may mean different things to different people. Filling out deflated breast tissue with firmer, projecting volume may indeed create a perky and slightly lifted effect. Those who experience a phenomenon known as pseudoptosis, (minor breast sagging that doesn’t result in the nipples descending below the breast crease,) may see improvement with breast implants alone. There are some factors which affect this- not the least of which is patient expectation. Some physical factors include the placement of the implant, projection, fill of the implant and nipple positionbefore surgery. When breast sagging has caused the nipple to descend below the breast crease or point downward, a mastopexy, (breast lift) will usually be recommended because implants placed in this breast will not look aesthetically pleasing. The nipple position will remain low and hanging, which is not what most patients are envisioning for their result.

Can you have any size that you want?

You can certainly choose your implant size, but you may not need what you thought. Many people will have a recommendation from a friend or celebrity “wish pic” that they admire, and if the other person’s breast implant volume is known, they ask for the same. Unfortunately, “I’ll have what she’s having” doesn’t work for breast augmentation. The proportions you bring to the table matter. Your surgeon will let you know what breast shape and volume will get you your desired look and will recommend that you don’t get hung up on the number.

Choose an experienced plastic surgeon who performs a high number of breast augmentations and whose before and after photos appeal to you. That way, you can trust that their plan will get you as close to your goals as possible.

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