Breast Augmentation in Toronto : Is It Worth The Price?

Price might be the one thing preventing a potential client from going ahead

Is silicone safe?

There are many options to finance and offset the big price tags for body contouring today, but for someone who is still on the fence, asking whether breast augmentation is worth it, is normal. It’s realistic to expect pros and cons with any procedure. We hope to answer this question and present real, cost versus benefit information to help with your choice. If you recall disturbing stories from the 1970’s, 80’s about silicone leaks and serious health problems due to these faulty, old devices, rest assured that type of implant is no longer used in surgery. Today’s advanced medical implants are extremely resilient and engineered to be semi-solid so that no liquid contents have the potential of moving. In fact,silicone is inert and extremely common for use in medical devices implanted in the body such as shunts, artificial joints IVs and catheters. There is no known toxicity from silicone gel implants despite decades of safety testing and close monitoring. Millions of people today have breast implants,and thisremains the most popular cosmetic procedure.

Is Toronto breast augmentation price worth a painful recovery?

Thankfully, ‘painful’ is not how most BA patients describe their procedure today. Gone are the days of drainage tubes and weeks spent with poor mobility and pain medication. The modern, atraumatic techniques used to insert breast implants are so meticulous and advanced that minimal bleeding or swelling results and long-acting anaesthetic placed in the tissue during surgery keeps patients comfortable for days after. Many will find OTC analgesics sufficient to ease discomfort post-procedure,andthey return to light work within 5-7 days.

What about complications?

Choosing a reputable, Royal College certified plastic surgeon is a good way to ensure they have the training and experience to handle any issues that may arise. The key to preventing most problems is good preparation, proper safety protocols and following instructions post operatively. That’s where you come in. If you follow all instructions carefully, you should greatly minimize your risk of issues such as infection.

How long will my breast implants last?

Toronto breast augmentation price doesn’t include additional, secondary surgery costs if you choose to have one again. This is why we suggest taking your time when selecting implants and the exact procedure you want. The implants themselves do not have an expiry date and no longer require changing every ten years as was once the case. Having said that, no medical device can be guaranteed to last forever. Breast implants used in Canada come with extensive warrantees,and regular breast exams are recommended.

It is possible that you will need or choose to have a secondary procedure in your future. Often this will be for the purpose of a breast lift, or to change the size of breast implants. Aside from any rare issues, you can expect to enjoy your investment for decades which could make breast augmentation well-worth it for you.

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Meet Our Surgeons

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